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Power Up Nutrition


Holistic Health

About Us

Power-Up Nutrition is new to the Sunshine Coast, but founders Lisa & Brad have been helping people in business for over 17 years. Their main goal over the next 2 years is to help 2,000 people improve their nutritional habits. The business offers their customers healthy meal in a cup options with an incredible range of deliciously nutritious high protein, low calorie, low fat smoothies and loaded energy teas. These healthy beverages offer brain clearing kapow, give an energy boost, are super tasty and best of all, only contains 24 calories.

Both their nutritious smoothies and loaded teas are filled with great vitamins, minerals, and immune building proteins. A complementary boost to maintain good energy and wellness all day long!

Power-Up Nutrition’s 5 key elements that ensure successful eating habits:

1- A healthy eating plan
2- Followed by an exercise plan to suit your fitness level
3- Then they add their nutrient support to assist with whole food eating
Combined with their last 2 main key elements:
4- Personal coaching and
5- Community engagement

Not only does the Power-Up Nutrition offer healthy food, they are also offering the Sunshine Coast community the opportunity to join their free Fit Club. This is a place where you can be active, connect with like-minded people, and grow a little healthier every day! Classes are available on Mondays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, Saturday morning TBA. Additionally, Power-Up Nutrition can help create a simple step-by-step system based on your personal goals and fitness levels that blends wholefood eating, healthy nutrition


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