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About Us

IPAS takes the best processes from the military and aviation industry and tailors it for the business community to reduce stress, enhance teamwork and increase productivity!

Specialising in facilitating better decision-making and enhancing small team productivity through engaging/entertaining keynote speeches and workshops.

With a background and experience in military and civilian aviation, commercial and fine art production, team training, human factors training, training design, support to the emergency services, risk management, and safety and efficiency design, IPAS can analyse the needs of your organisation and staff and provide a training solution workshop or presentation that is entertaining as well as useful in increasing productivity and decreasing friction in human to human and human to system processes. (In other words we target, office politics, skills needs and how to increase efficiency and staff buy-in while reducing stress). IPAS also has an interest in human/machine operations in such areas as construction and mining, as well as operations in tertiary (service) industries. So don't think your business can't benefit from IPAS being involved.

If you employ staff and you see the value as a manager and mentor, in increasing their confidence, improving their decision-making and enhancing their interpersonal relations, then IPAS can definitely help. I also conduct special programs for women decision-makers to aid in problem-solving and leading teams.

Give me a call if you want to find out more or visit my website at There's no obligation!


Training Local Land Services in NSW
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