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Easy Clean Sunshine Coast


Cleaning Services

About Us

Easy Clean is a commercial cleaning company that specializes in cleaning, disinfection and helping you develop the workplace of the future.

Easy Clean was founded in the year 2016 by Leo Plaza and Emilio Cansing, with the vision to transform the workplaces of Australia into a more sustainable environment. What's unique about Easy Clean is the positive energy and relationship that truly values your business.

Their services consist of office cleaning services as well as warehouse cleaning and disinfection services. The company's main focus is based on creating a greener, healthier, and a more productive workplace. It has been stated that having a clean and healthy workspace it will increase the business employee attendance by at least 15%! Easy Clean recognize themselves to be an office cleaning specialist that understand the customer's needs and presents the solution via customized packages that help you maintain your facilities.

If you are looking for a business that is cost-effective, professional & accountable, saves you time and money and is locally based - look no further.


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