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White House Celebrations

White House Celebrations


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About Us

White House Celebrations is a prestige event management firm and celebration consultancy that removes the roadblocks to celebrating life, creating events and engaging with the people who matter most (family, friends, clients, colleagues, the community).

Since 2009 we have designed and managed events of a world class standard including Gala Award Ceremonies, National and International Conferences, Launch Campaigns, Corporate Celebrations and Charity Fundraisers. Each event receives the customised attention that is required to ensure success.

Our mission is to make the celebration of life a daily priority. We do this by taking the hassle out of connecting you with your clients, team, colleagues, loved ones or your community.

Our goal is to elevate your brand and reputation to world class standards. We do this by adopting a firm belief if you are going to do something, you need to do it properly! We leave no stone unturned in delivering events of the highest calibre and in alignment with the overall objectives of the event or celebration.

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