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About Us

Our Team on the Sunshine Coast

Co.gency recently expanded our presence by opening a new office in Maroochydore's vibrant, newly developing CBD on the Sunshine Coast. With an existing office in Sydney, Co.gency strategically leverages the flexibility of our team members, who can readily travel to Queensland to both work and indulge in the area's natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere.

The Queensland team, consisting of Lukas Temple, Rebecca Murdoch, Jessica Almaas, Michelle Currah, Jamien Zimmermann, Tom Groat, and James Currah are enthusiastic about the opportunity the growth in the new surroundings will bring. We anticipate further expansion and business growth throughout 2024, leveraging the opportunities presented by this strategic location.

About Co.gency

When we set out to establish Australia’s leading full-service agency, we knew it was about more than services.

We recognise that brands need experienced strategic and conceptual thinking to set the course. Equally, they need specialist and tactical skills to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities.

And while we have the most compelling set of services of any independent agency in Australia, it’s how we blend strategic focus, with expert, agile execution that sets us apart.

Our role is to help you overcome the challenges that inhibit your course and capitalise on the opportunities that arise along the way.

Your future isn’t linear, nor is our approach.

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